Cut Your Own Long Hair: 4 Steps

Cut Your Own Long Hair: 4 Steps
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How to cut Your Own Long Hair in 4 Steps

With the passing of each season you might feel like you’re a bit tired of the same old haircut you’ve been sporting for a little while now. Fear not! You don’t have to be stuck with the same drab hairstyle or pay expensive salon prices when you can cut your own hair at home and for free. Of course, there are a few things you’ll need such as:

  • – A handheld mirror
  • – A brush
  • – A pair of scissors for hair
  • – And a scrunchie.

Now to get to work on that haircut. First, you want to find a comfortable spot to sit and ideally that has a vanity type of mirror. Start by using the brush to comb out tangles and knots, and tying the hair back with a scrunchie. From there, use a handheld mirror so that you can see the hair in the back of your head. Carefully, you want to use a pair of scissors for cutting your hair to start cutting away the length of hair. You want to be sure to take your time when using this method to make sure all haircut is equal, instead of having some pieces or parts of your hair longer or shorter than others. Once you’re done, you can use the handheld mirror to look at the new creation that is you. The mirror will also allow you to check and see if any spots need to be trimmed.