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Goldenlocks© Clip-on #P6/27 Golden Brown

Goldenlocks© Clip-on #P6/27 Golden Brown


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A complete set consisting of 7 parts!

Goldenlocks © 110g clip-on hair extensions come in a seven piece set that is incredibly easy to apply and is designed specifically to cover the entire head.

Goldenlocks © hair extensions are made of 100% real hair and manufactured from the highest quality hair on the market.

Color: #P6/27

Length: 45 cm

1 pc. with 4 clips, width 20 cm
2 pcs. with 3 clips, width 15 cm
2 pcs. with 2 clips, width 10 cm
2 pcs. with 1 clip, width 5 cm

Weight: 110 g

What's included: One package contains seven clip-on sections of different width, consisting of a total of 110g real hair. The clips are sewn on to the hair. In general one package of 110g is enough for a full extension, but if you have thick hair or if you want to create a large hairstyle we recommend purchasing two packages.


The lifespan of your Goldenlocks© hair extensions are determined by how well they are taken care of. Typically, Goldenlocks hair extensions last from three to twelve months depending on how often they are used and how well they are taken care of. Treat them well and they will last longer.

• Keep the hair clean. We recommend that you wash the hair 1-2 times a week with lukewarm water
• Wash your hair with hair extensions shampoo. They are designed specifically for hair extensions and will not harm your hair
• Let your hair dry. Shape and brush your hair once it’s dry
• We do not recommend dyeing hair extensions. If you choose to dye your hair then darker colors are better, but remember that you do it at your own risk and you should try first with a little hair.

1) Brush your Goldenlocks© hair extensions gently with a soft brush before and after use.
2) Always use a heat protecting spray when shaping your hair with heating tools such as hair irons, curlers, and straighteners.
3) Tie back your hair every night before bed to avoid it from tangling while you toss and turn in your sleep (clip-on extensions can be removed for the night).
4) Always keep your Goldenlocks© hairpieces in a safe place, away from envious women who would be tempted to steal them.

General tips:

1) Match the extensions with your natural hair. Hair extensions should blend with your own hair, which means that they should be both the same color and texture as well as style.
2) If the extensions are wavy or curly, use a curling iron to shape your natural hair. If the extensions are straight, use a straightening iron to flatten your own hair.
3) Always protect your hair from potential heat damage from tools using heat-protecting products like argon oil or protective plates.

Goldenlocks Quality

Goldenlocks© hair extensions originate mainly from India and China. Before processing the hair is in general dark, thick and straight but has undergone a chemical treatment to achieve the highest quality, shade, color, and style.
- Best quality - Goldenlocks REMY real hair
- Treat as your own - Goldenlocks real hair can withstand the same treatments as your own hair.

Inserting Clip-on extensions 

1. Divide your hair into sections. Use your finger or a comb to create a horizontal line from behind your right ear to left ear, so that the upper part of the hair is secured and fixed with a hair clip.
2. Open the clips on the hair extensions. Place the hair extension tops in line with the horizontal line and gently press down to snap the clips into place.
3. Release the top section of your hair. Ruffle your hair gently to blend your natural hair with the extensions.
Removal: Open the clips and gently remove the extension from your own hair.
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