Awesome blonde hair

Three Tips On Preparing Your Beautiful Blonde Hair For A Party

Are you going out to a party tonight? Maybe having some pints, a few beers and some wine? Are you looking for ways to make your blonde hair stand out, something that has never been done before? Sometimes a girl runs out of things to do with her hair. Ladies, am I right?

There are 3 ways to achieve a brand new look without spending much time on it.

1) The first way is to make what is known as the “braid bun”. It is a simple and easy look to do without making you look like you are 12 years old. Take your hair and braid it into a ponytail. Take your hair and secure it under the backends with some bobby pins. It is simple and beautiful. It also is a good look to show off at parties this summer or even in the fall. This way you will not be super hot with all your hair breathing down on your neck.

To see images of what this looks like click here.

2) You can do the messy side pony. It takes the normal old ponytail and spices it up a bit. Click here for images of what it should look like.

3) Take some of your long side hair and pin it back and off to the side. It is simple and clean. It also wakes your hair up to something new and different.

To find out some more cool ideas click on this link.

Blonde hair is simply beautiful.